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Firewall of the Amped Wireless network

Steps to Turn on the Firewall on the Amped Router by using

For Amped Routers use to login. In the present scenario, everybody is using web and Wi-Fi connections and that is the reason web-related wrongdoings are expanding step by step. This is extremely difficult to verify your wireless devices over these Wi-Fi connections.

At the point, when you have browse from your device. You will require some security settings from Amped wireless login page. This is additionally obvious that you will get some security settings with Amped devices as a matter of course. However some development security settings should be included. You can use advanced firewall settings for these Amped Wi-Fi devices.

Why Firewall Settings Required for Amped Network by using

When the question as to why these sorts of firewall settings are required for your Amped Wi-Fi devices. Then here is the proper response of your inquiry.

The following important points we will discuss why the Firewall settings are required for the wireless network:

Firewall Settings changed by using

Protect Amped Devices From the Wireless Access

The Amped wireless login access is a useful thing because this will be secure way to login. If any administrator user can setup the new password to login. If you don’t have firewall settings for Wi-Fi devices. In that case, any programmer can hack your Amped devices without your permission.

Secure Gaming Experience

At the point when you have firewall settings for Amped WiFi router devices, you can play web-based games in an experimental mode. You can increment or reduction the degree of the firewall so you can play internet games effectively. In the event that you have solid firewall settings. At that point, you should configure the port sending settings using the  login page. You can open a few ports with the goal that you can get information parcels from the system.

Block Unwanted Content

Using advanced firewall settings for the Amped WiFi log in page you can stop all sorts of messages and substances for your system. If you are worn out accepting spam messages and sends. At that point, solid firewall settings will help you with securing your system.


The Amped RE2600M high-control Wi-Fi run router is one of the most dominant range extenders accessible in the market today and is uncommonly intended for the multi-gadget family unit. The extender is worked with ground-breaking Dual-center processors, 4 radio wires, and 16 high power intensifiers it conveys up to 15,000 square feet of extra Wi-Fi inclusion.
The device gives you unparalleled speed, range, and unwavering quality for the most requesting systems with many connected devices.


The ATHENA-EX RE2600M AC2600 Wi-Fi run extender additionally includes MU-MIMO innovation that empowers different devices to get information at one with no buffering. In this blog, we will cover some significant parts of the Amped RE2600M high-control Wi-Fi go which incorporates Amped login arrangement RE2600M and how to login to Amped RE2600M router.

Hardware Connection setup

  • You have to join the receiving wires of your router and afterward connect it to your PC.
  • Attach the included high increase receiving wires by screwing them into the radio wires connectors.
  • Plug-In your Amped run extender into an electrical outlet.
  • Connect your PC to the Amped go routers Wi-Fi arrange: Amped AthenaEX_2.4 or Amped AthenaEX_5.0.

Navigate the web Browser

To realize how details concerning how to login to Amped RE2600M wireless router, you will need to follow these steps:

  • In the foremost case, you will need to your PC or tablet, open an internet browser.
  • In the location bar of your internet browser type in
  • If the web menu doesn’t open, you can try the accompanying IP address into the location bar of your internet browser

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard will give you the present status of your Amped Wireless router. You need to click ‘Scan’ to locate the available network nearby you. Once it scans the network, it will show you the list of networks to select.

Scan the Home Network

The scan result will give you the rundown of all accessible 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless systems identified by your amped router, select the Wireless network(s) that you need to repeat. Select both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz system names in the event that you have a double band router. Click on the Next to proceed with the following stage.

Network Security Settings

If the wireless network or password to the security enables, you will be get a place to enter a security key. If you chose both 2.4GHz and 5GHz systems to repeat, you have to enter both security keys here. After you enter the Security key, click ‘Next’ proceed to the following stage.

Wireless Network Settings

The default SSID (Network name) of the wireless ‘Amped AthenaEX_2.4’ and ‘Amped AthenaEX_5.0′. Pick up the Clone settings from your home system and the arrangement wizard will reproduce the Security key and SSID of your home system. You can even physically enter another security key and SSID if you need it. To apply the settings, click on Next.

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